In Kind Donations

In many cases, people are in a better position to give items or donate their talents and time as opposed to making a monetary donation. When you give an in kind donation that meets the needs of our service recipients or the needs of the agency overall, you are making a positive difference for someone with special needs. We welcome the opportunity to receive a gift of a needed item or a needed service.

There have been times in the past where people have cleaned out their garage or basement and dropped off items that they didn't want or need anymore. While many of our service recipients do live on limited incomes, we still strive to create a quality environment for all of them including the essentials of living as well as our facilities. The staff of each department keeps an updated list of needs. If you are interested in making an in kind donation, please contact us to determine if your donation would help meet the needs of our service recipients or the agency as a whole. Thank you for your consideration. Please call us today about making a donation.


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