Take A Tour

The most common response to a tour of the Michael Dunn Center is, "Wow! I didn't realize Michael Dunn Center did all of this for people with special needs." There is no better way to understand how Michael Dunn Center is changing the world around them than to see it for yourself. Tours of the main campus on Gallaher Road in Kingston and of The Henry Center in Harriman are available upon request.

Touring the facility not only gives you an idea of how the programs are implemented, but it gives you an opportunity to meet the people we have made it our mission to serve. Our friendly and professional staff will describe to you how each individual is supported and served according to their own needs. The programs in which each individual participates exist because those individuals and their families chose those programs to meet their needs and desires.


If you would like to visit Michael Dunn Center and take a tour, please call the Development office at Michael Dunn Center (865-376-3416, extension 231) and speak to Michaele Butler to set up a tour. We hope that you will come and see us today and experience that "Wow!" factor for yourself.
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