How You Can Help

Michael Dunn Center has a rich history receiving an individual with many needs and providing individualized support and care which allows that individual to realize their potential and make choices for themselves. Serving people with developmental disabilities is our mission, our passion, and our goal. We have dedicated ourselves to meeting this important need in our community. We invite you to join our cause and help provide support that will change someone's life. By giving to Michael Dunn Center you are creating an opportunity of empowerment for someone who faces many challenges.

Due to increasing costs and limited funding for children and adults with developmental disabilities, initiating projects or expanding services above or beyond existing levels of funding is enormously challenging. If you would like to support Michael Dunn Center in meeting our current high standards of care as well as reaching our goals, PLEASE DONATE TODAY!

When you have decided to generously give to Michael Dunn Center, you can:
Donate Online

• Send a check:
      Michael Dunn Foundation
      Attn: Development Office
      629 Gallaher Road
      Kingston, TN 37763

• Donate goods or services

Volunteer Your Time

You can also call the Development office and ask about Planned Giving if you would like to discuss making a tax deductible contribution from your estate, will, or retirement plan.

We believe there is no better way to make a positive difference in the world around you than to help improve the quality of life for a child or adult who needs help to make choices for their own well being and fulfillment. Please help make this possible with a donation, today!
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