Day Habilitation

Providing a supportive social network and environment is important to meeting an individual's needs. The Day Habilitation Program at Michael Dunn Center provides adults with developmental disabilities the chance daily to belong to a network of friends while participating in the community around them. Frequent participation in special events and visiting places of personal choice offers people a sense of fulfillment and enrichment through the sharing of experiences with friends. The Day Habilitation Program offers its participants the opportunity to belong to a network of friends in an environment that supports their physical, medical, psychological and emotional needs.


As with all other Michael Dunn Center programs, each person served by the Day Habilitation Program receives support and care that is individualized and specific to their needs and wants. Providing opportunity and choice remains the primary goal. Participating in the Day Habilitation Program offers adults a chance to belong and also have choices to lead the lives they wish to live.

Owen is one of our Day Habilitation success stories. He started attending the day program about three years ago while he was living at home with his mother. When he first started coming, he required one-on-one attention and sometimes more. He is severely affected by Autism and was very withdrawn. He had to be in a room by himself with physical distance between himself and others. He was constantly attempting to run off and couldn’t even stay in one area during fire drills. We could not transport him safely or get him to go to the doctor. The medical providers had to come to him to provide care. Karen Gallaher, who been with us for over 20 years, volunteered to help him as his one-on-one staff. He slowly started to show interest in visiting others, so we began building his tolerance by having one other individual in his room for periods of time. Then, he started visiting other rooms and activities. Now he participates in all community activities, doctor appointments, and MDC sponsored events with no difficulty. He also moved into one of our group homes when his mother was injured and couldn’t take care of him anymore. He easily acclimated to his new home and roommates. He is no longer isolated and has a better quality of life.

If you would like to volunteer, to make a donation, or to visit and see the quality of services provided for yourself, please call today and speak with Michaele Butler at 865-376-3416, ext. 231. The lives you touch could make a lasting difference.

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