School Services

Specialized instruction and care are the key features of an education for children with developmental disabilities who attend school at Michael Dunn Center. Michael Dunn Center School contracts with eight area school systems for special education governed by the Tennessee Department of Education. School Services serve students with disabilities ages 6 through 22 who meet certification requirements set by the State Department of Tennessee Special Education guidelines. All teaching staff holds appropriate licensure certification(s) through the State of Tennessee. Very low staff to student ratios are the standard for all classrooms. Each staff member is trained specifically on the individual needs of each and every child that they serve. With over 36 years of experience in specializing on meeting the needs of children with disabilities, Michael Dunn Center offers an education that provides opportunities for its students that they would otherwise not be offered.

The school's curriculum stresses growth through individual strengths. Instilling functional, daily living skills and preparing individuals to enter the work force are the focus of the program. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of training to build their knowledge and skills that will someday apply to a job of their choice. They may also have an opportunity to earn their own wages, contributing to more positive self- esteem. As a community-based school, our students also have opportunities to be involved in many community events in Roane, Anderson, Knox and other surrounding counties.


The Michael Dunn Center School provides a comprehensive array of support services, including speech therapy, psychological counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, music therapy, and recreational therapy. The School Program contracts with local education agencies to provide appropriate and individualized special education services, at no cost to the parent. Students are enrolled in our school services through the local education agency's multi-disciplinary team (M-Team). The M-Team consists of the student, parents, local school system officials, teacher and a representative from Michael Dunn Center School Services. Students are eligible for school services through the school year in which they turn 22 years of age. Graduation symbolizes the formal completion of school services. The Michael Dunn Center can continue to provide services for post-graduation students through an array of adult services depending on individual needs.

If you have a child with developmental disabilities in need of special education services, please contact the Vice President of Children's Services, Vicki Hix, at 865-376-3416 (extension 243) or e-mail her HERE. If you would like to tour the facilities and meet the staff of Michael Dunn Center please contact Michaele Butler at 865-376-3416, ext. 231 or e-mail her HERE.

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