What We Do

Imagine for a moment all of the needs that you have had in your lifetime from birth to the present and the needs that you anticipate having until the day you die. It is difficult to name all of the needs that people have throughout their lifetimes. But, at Michael Dunn Center, providing for the needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities is our mission, our goal, our passion.

Please don’t confuse meeting our supported persons’ needs with any type of institutional setting. In fact, the opposite is true. Each service is designed to support an individual’s choices to be involved in their own communities. Each service strives to integrate each individual into their community in ways that are meaningful and valuable to both the individual and the community. In fact, Michael Dunn Center has a long history of partnering with groups and individuals to create opportunities for service recipients to be active in their respective communities.

It is difficult to summarize the many ways Michael Dunn Center meets needs. Please learn more about each individual program by clicking on the links to the programs. As you see, the programs are presented in a way that takes you through the daily life of a supported person. We also invite you to come see for yourself the many ways the persons we support are achieving independence and realizing opportunities through the services provided by Michael Dunn Center. If you are interested in touring Michael Dunn Center, please contact Michaele Butler at 865-376-3416 or e-mail her HERE. If you are interested in helping Michael Dunn Center meet the needs of the people we serve please give today at the Donations page.

The Henry Center – Child Care Services and Early Intervention Services

School Programs – Providing education for children with disabilities

Work Programs – Providing job opportunities in the community and at the main campus

Adult Day Program – Providing supportive care and a social network for adults with disabilities

Health Care – Working for the optimal level of health for supported persons with physical needs through a proactive approach

Supported Living – Serving the needs of individuals with a wide range of needs in home settings

Residential – Providing homes and meals in group homes with around the clock staffing

Family Model Residential Services – Coordinating foster care opportunities for families who want to support someone with a disability in need of a loving home

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